Fender Hangers and Clips

Fender Hanger / Clamcleat

The fender hanger allows you to deploy the fender immediately and move it quickly without needing to untie a knot should the need arise. Simple to use and adjust your fender location. The principle of the converging grooves ensures a grip without wear. Simply lay the rope which will automatically cleat under load, to release simply jerk the fender line upwards. A tried and tested product thoroughly recommended. Can be stored on the warp with the fender when not in use.

Fender Clips

Line can be pre-adjusted to height- place clip over bar or guard rail, thread line through final ‘V’ cleat and tension. Simple and ready to use and cannot detach with fender movement.

0309Fender ClamcleatWhite6 - 12 mm lineAll
0312Fender Clips (pair)White6 - 8 mm line< 13 mm
0313Fender Clips (pack of 50)White6 - 8 mm line< 13 mm