Boat Hooks and Poles


Anchor Marine has a range of boat hooks and poles to suit your mooring requirements including the popular Swiftie range of mooring aids, manufactured by its sister company, Seaswift Products.

This unique fitting makes tying up to a mooring buoy a simple and safe operation. Its spring loaded action makes it possible to pass a line round an object or through a ring and bring the rope end back to hand. The mooring warp is tied to a light line that is attached to the ring on the Swiftie. The operation is then quick, simple and safe. Supplied complete with telescopic aluminium pole and grip.

Standard boat hook

A rugged universal nylon mooring hook shaped to pick up and push off moorings. Supplied complete with aluminium pole and grip.

Sureline boat hook

The Sureline boathook is a quick connect/disconnect system which allows easy pick up and release of a mooring.


  • Swiftie 50 – 50 mm capacity – with or without telescopic pole extension
  • Swiftie 50 Plus – 50mm capacity with reinforced spring action – available with or without telescopic pole extension
  • Swiftie 100 – large 100 mm capacity manufactured from stainless steel for industrial use
  • Swiftie 125 – GRP 125 mm capacity, manufactured from glass reinforced plastic
  • Swiftie 160 – 160 mm capacity manufactured from stainless steel for industrial use

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Swiftie rope installer pdf

Anchor Marine also stocks the following boat hooks and poles:

0447Standard Nylon Boat Hook with pole1.5 m
0435Sureline Boat Hook with pole2 m
70434APSwiftie 50 with telescopic pole1.33 m
70433APSwiftie 50 with telescopic pole2 m
70434SAPSwiftie 50 plus with telescopic pole1.33 m
70433SAPSwiftie 50 plus with telescopic pole2 m
70466Swiftie 100
70468Swiftie 125
70470Swiftie 160