Flag Markers

2-x-0431---potmarker---Anchor-Marine-215Pot Marker

A handy marker for fishermen. It has a bright fluorescent flag for easy identification, and a non corrosive plastic rod. Overall length of 1.4 metres. Can also be used as a mooring pick up by sliding float to bottom or rod giving a flag height of approx 1.20 metres.

0434---pick-up-buoy-or-dive-marker---Anchor-Marine-217Pick-up Marker

Bright small fluorescent orange float, has a fibreglass mast with clip to attach flag or pennant. Ideal as a mooring pick-up buoy or as a diving marker. 1.6 metre mast.

Niftie Marker

Dinghy race mark or Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) for diving complete with flag on a 1.2 metre mast. The low profile-large diameter make a stable support for flag poles.

  • Three eyes for securing points0490---Niftie-marker-flag-Anchor-Marine--216
  • Professionally used by divers as markers with flags
  • Used by fishermen for pot markers
  • Race markers
  • Strong Quality item, durable and tough
Niftie marker
Pot marker
Pick-up marker
0431Pot Marker*3112.61.44.510040.84
0434Pick-up Marker39.9161.65.312750.66
0490Niftie Marker*9337.71.24.0300121.40
* supplied with flag as illustrated