Pole Buoys

0425_pole_buoy_Anchor_Marine_508A comprehensive range of floats / pole buoys – their flexible centre core makes them useful for many applications, for example, mooring systems, bar buoys, fish farms and general marking purposes to name a few.  The pole diameters stated are the maximum that the internal tube in the float will accept.  Smaller poles can be accommodated by additional sleeving.

Features and tips:

  • The first three sizes are cylindrical, the latter are balls
  • Strong bond between flexible core tube and outer shell
  • Reinforced ends to take compression loadspblinedrawing
  • The pole diameter stated are the maximum acceptable pole size-smaller sizes need additional sleeving
  • Do not inflate buoy until either a pole or pipe are in position, lubrication also helps
  • When chain is used, it is recommended you protect the flexible walls of the buoy with a liner tube 10cms longer than buoy is used

Please note the pole is not included.pbclinedrawing

The first three sizes are sausage-shaped and the latter five sizes are spherical.

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