Company Profile

Anchor Marine has been the number one manufacturer of inflatable fenders and buoys for over fifty years. Worldwide, in both hot and cold climates, you will find our large range bearing the famous “blue spot” Anchor Marine registered trade mark. Our products are as popular with commercial users such as fishermen and fleet operators as with pleasure boat enthusiasts.

Our products have been proven over the years to stand-up to harsh environments and to protect your boat.  Manufactured in a wide range of colours, Anchor Marine products are synonymous with durability and resistance to bursting.

Anchor Marine’s products are manufactured in the United Kingdom using a special marine vinyl, evolved between our manufacturers and research chemist. The unique elastic qualities of our vinyl explain the long life of our products and their resistance to bursting.

A choice of clear, bright colours including fluorescent which go right through the vinyl.  Fluorescent colours fade sooner than standard solid colours in areas with higher levels of UV and the use of lighter colours is recommended for maximum performance when used in these conditions.

Anchor Marine’s products are designed and tested to provide maximum protection against bursting and abrasion and include special thimbles to prevent “eye” damage and offer maximum life under the most arduous conditions.

All products UV and weather stabilised and are designed to last in the most demanding environments.

Anchor Marine is a registered trade mark. The world famous “blue-spot” with unique anchor logo is your guarantee of quality.

Anchor Marine has access to a variety of products and skill sets but has specific expertise in rotational moulding.  The company has undertaken a wide and varied number of custom-made orders over the years, ranging from stainless steel waterfalls to fabrications for Norfloat International’s navigational marker buoys. We pride ourselves on flexibility and the ability to innovate to ensure our customer needs are met.

Additional information on our products on our website. For any information on our custom services in plastics or metal fabrication, please get in touch through the contact us page or email us at