Quay Fenders

qf3linedrawingFendering on your pontoon protects your boat and the berth at the same time. On the occasion that you hang your boat fenders the wrong height they will prove invaluable. All models are made to withstand the harsh marine environment and can be depended on when the going gets tough.

Features and tips:

  • All items are made to fitpermanently to the deck either by means of non corroding screws or grip fast nailsqf2linedrawing
  • Concider that your berth may be used by ‘visitors’ from time to time
  • Protect areas where manoeuvring in/out of congested berths
  • Any sharp protrusions (especially metal) will by nature cause trouble
  • Respect tidle flow, prevailing winds and cleat positions
  • Easy to fit to metal or wooden structures
  • Protect your investment when things do not go as planned

qf1linedrawingTwo types of quay fenders are available to suit most requirements.  The solid model 0051, is extremely hard wearing, light weight and excellent value. Fitting is simple using screws or gripfast nails.  Corners and curves can be easily accommodated by bending the fender as shown in the diagram (this model is of moulded construction).

For applications where softer fendering is required, the 0054 inflatable section should be used.  Easily fitted with pop rivets or screws, this fendering gives complete protection.

qf4linedrawingbA cutaway version 0055 allows for neat fitting to berths with wooden rubbing bands.

Quay and corner fenders pdf

0054White43 x 18 x 817 x 7 x 31.00
0055White43 x 18 x 817 x 7 x 31.00