Mooring Compensators

Snubber Mooring Compensators

Manufactured from EPDM, an indestructible rubber, our compensators ensure a secure and cushioned mooring of pleasure, rowing and motor boats.

They offer superior mooring protection with a unique rope locking system available in four sizes to suit lines from 10mm up to 24mm.

Compensators diminish strain from wind, tide and boat wash and keeps lines and cleats from pulling out. Simple system of varying compensation.

3+ coils for exposed mooring
1-2 coils for protected mooring

Features and tips

  • Acts as a ‘shock absorber’ on any type of mooring
  • Easy to fit-requires no extra fittings
  • Manufactured from weatherproof, UV stabilised rubber for long trouble free life


  • Compensating absorption varied by amount of coils of rope round the body (protected mooring 1-2 turns, exposed mooring 3+ turns)
  • Unique teeth grip at ends to stop slippage and maintain absorption
030110 - 12 mmSnubber620
030212 - 14 mmSnubber1033
030314 - 18 mmSnubber1550
030420 - 24 mmSnubber2065