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Fender colours - Anchor Marine
Anchor Marine – fender colours

Customised colours

Customised colours can be chosen for large orders.  For further information on custom orders please contact us.

Standard and coloured fenders pdf


  • Fenders are made to protect the boat, but also need to be adequate to cope with unplanned conditions. Consider a mix of cylindrical and spherical fenders for the best solution. A minimum of 3 fenders should be used
  • Hang fenders from the toe rail, stanchion base or deck cleat so they are near the water surface.
  • The quoted fender/boat size is given in good faith and is a general guidance only and the final responsibility is with the end user

Fender Size Guide:

  • Length should be 2/3 of the freeboard
  • More displacement, harsher environment = larger fender
  • Use at least three fenders when docking
  • On board storage may dictate

This chart should be used as a guide only.  Consider your on board storage when selecting fenders.  Your chandler will advise you on local conditions.

Boat size Ball / spherical / heavy duty fenderStandard, cylindrical fenderThru-line fenderSingle eye fender
< 4< 10'03150061 / 007101710131 / 0141 / 0151
4 - 611 - 16'0315 / 03210071 / 008101810141 / 0151
6 - 817 - 23'03210081 / 009104610151 / 0455
8 - 1024 - 30'0321 / 03310091 / 04510191 / 04810455 / 0457
10 - 1431 - 45'03310451 / 0101 / 04590463 / 04810457
14 - 1846 - 60'NF04780478-
18 - 2261 - 72'NF---
Fender size guide - Anchor Marine
Anchor Marine fender size guide

Fender and buoy inflation

Do not over-inflate as this will deform and weaken the product and voids the warranty. Indicated diameters are for inflation of 0.15 bar pressure at 20 degrees celsius. (in hotter climates 0.07 bar could be enough) Without a pressure gauge a simple test with any product is to be able to depress the wall 6 to 8 mm with a light hand touch. Anchor Marines rubber valve is located near the rope hold of the product.

To inflate

  • Use the Double Action Pump (product code 0311) or any hand, foot or air compressor pump, but do not set gauge beyond 0.15 bar pressure
  • Prise out the black bung (and keep for reuse) of valve with a coin or screw driver
  • Insert the stainless steel needle inflation adaptor into the valve, apply the nozzle and start air flow
  • Fill the product until the walls/shape are fully expanded. In extreme temperature conditions any ‘folds’ in the wall should be eased out by hand

Fender and buoy cleaning

  • Soap and water or vinyl cleaner should be used. The chemical composition of the product will be harmed if anything stronger is used such as acetone, and would void the warranty.

Fender and buoy marking

  • Permanent marking is available at manufacture to industrial quantity users. For individual products waterproof marker pens can be used.